The new industry standard

If you are looking for a way to compete in today’s business landscape, you had better have an online presence and a way to track and respond to customer feedback. We started as a small company that was dedicated to fixing things in suburban neighborhoods, a job that did not require a lot of web presence, and since we had been doing it for so many years, we did not see the need.

The need to stand out on the web seemed like something that was reserved for web based solutions platforms and web based businesses as a whole. So when we were told that we needed to upgrade our web presence, we were a little confused to say the least.

A learning experience

Luckily, we decided to take our advertising online just to see what would happen and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Results that allowed us to increase our viability and to attract more customers. Customers such as younger generations that do all of their searching online and have much more success finding companies if they have high online visibility. If we had one tip to people looking to increase customers service, we say increase web visibility.