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Plumbing today and in the future

Plumbing is one of those industries that has been around for a long time and the way in which it is done has not changed a whole lot. However, these old ways are soon to change simply because the state of plumbing in a lot of areas, especially in big cities is a lot different than it was. Plumbing was in the past done with new plumbers & trenchless sewer, so the job entailed certain things.

Today, plumbing infrastructure is crumbling and in a lot of major cities, is on the verge of collapse. So not only do people need to be mindful of how to fix plumbing that is in that type of shape, but it changes what people can do. The techniques that worked on new pipes and fixtures no longer works and it must be changed to fit the new infrastructure.

In the future

We hope that people will understand that not only does the fitting and plumbing need to be updated, but that there needs to be people that are able to work on the new pipes and fixtures. The old world is gone and the new world of plumbing is at hand. People need to understand that new plumbers must be trained to work in these conditions and that there is no other way.

In the future plumbing will be a lot different than it is today and all we can do is hope that people understand two things: that plumbing needs to be updated and that people will need to learn how to work on that updated plumbing and forget how to work on the old plumbing for the most part. We hope that the adjustment will be easy and better for everyone involved.

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